Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Good Ol’ Fashioned Update

· Jason’s eyes. Since the transplant his vision has improved significantly. At his last eye appointment he was able to read 4 lines on the eye chart! Now that is noteworthy. He continues to take anti-rejection medication several times a day. His ophthalmologist told him that they would remove some of the stitches in his eyes because of the rapid healing of the eye. A cornea transplant is inevitable in his right eye and he’ll get on the transplant list once all of his stitches are removed.

· Work out freaks. Jason and I have been working out like mad people.Partly due to our overzealous excitement for winter to end and summer to begin. I’ve always been a work out freak but I’ve taken it up a notch by putting in two-a-days. I lift in the morning before work and run (on the beach, I must add) on my lunch break. Jason is back at P90X for the second time and running. We’ve got a 10K and ½ marathon in the works for the warmer months of October and November.

· Winter. I’m frozen. Well, not really but I admit that I have struggled to adjust to a southern hemisphere winter. The coldest temperature I’ve felt this winter is 39 degrees F. Cold? Yes, but not USA cold. The difference is that the humidity rate never really falls below 80% here. With that much moisture in the air it makes winter feel much colder and summer feel much muggier. While I complain about the constant rainy days and the one time it got to 39 degrees, I can’t say I miss scraping my windshield and blizzards. Usually I don’t even wear a jacket to work.

· Health Insurance. Now that I officially have a “partnership visa” I’m finally eligible to take advantage of the sweet medical benefits offered through my employment with the church. I’m also officially eligible for the nationalized health care system now. I can be treated in a public hospital absolutely free of charge. I do admit that my opinion on socialized medicine has softened now that I’ve seen the ins and outs of the system. It’s hard to swallow as an American but I’m coming around to only SOME of the ideas.

· Our New Flat. Flat, New Zealand lingo for house or apartment. We recently moved to West Harbour, another suburb of Auckland. Our flat is feet from the harbour. We’re now attending the ward Jason grew up in. The first time we showed up for church many people in the ward joked that the last time they saw Jason he was a hyper kid and now he shows up with an American wife. Please note the sign which is evidence of just how close we are to the ocean.


Tortillas. If you aren’t aware of how amazing my husband is you should be. Randomly, last Saturday he had the urge to try his hand at making tortillas from scratch. I immediately thought back to past attempts on my own part to make fresh tortillas and how impossible I thought it was. Nevertheless, he insisted on making them. Within an hour we were eating tortillas and I was in awe. The tortillas were as good as any authentic ones you’d buy out of someone’s trunk on the side of the road in Arizona. The truth is, I get way more authentic Mexican food now despite my southern Pacific location.

· Homesickness. I’m starting to feel connected to people and places here which makes the battle all the easier. It has been fun and exciting to be married and be far away from anything familiar. I have come to rely solely on Jason and our love and support for each other has no doubt been strengthened due to our leave and cleave situation. But while I mention homesickness, I do have to tell you that I miss Arizona like nobody’s business.


Jeff and Whitney said...

I really love so many things about you guys. Love that you guys are so hard-core (two-a-days?! what?!) Love that you are obsessed with Mexican food and that your husband indulges you. And I really love your take on your "leave and cleave" situation. Great description.

Kerri said...

Ok. Between the "ducks in a row" post and this one about getting insurance I want to know just how baby crazy you are now?

I'm glad you are starting to feel more adjusted and at home there. Living by the beach sounds cool. I'm laying in bed completely worn out from this pregnancy today and really wish I could say I was working out instead. Soon enough putting on shoes won't be a dreaded task and I'll work out again. Soon enough.

{kim} said...

Man, Jason spoils you with all that mexican food. You have too much time on your hands if you can work out twice a day. You need to have some babies.

Brittany said...

Miss you! I'm so glad things are going well. When can we come visit? :)