Friday, September 24, 2010

10,000 miles away

There has been another eventful weekend in the Richards family.  Jason's little brother Trevor, and his wife, Terri were sealed in the temple.  We were really pleased to make it to Hamilton for the sealing.  It's always so special to be together in the temple as a family. 

 How grateful I am for the temple. It's the most peacful and comforting place on this entire earth.  I also love how I''m 10,000 miles away from what I call home; yet when I enter the temple I feel home more than anything else.  Amazing.

Speaking of 10,000 miles-this time next week I'll be doing the following things:
  • soaking up the dry heat of Arizona like nobody's business
  • adopting my nieces and nephews
  • driving on perfectly straight and huge roads on the right hand side
  • stocking up on all the products I refuse to pay ridiculous amounts for in New Zealand
  • eating green chile and salsa for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • running in the desert filled with tumbleweeds and brown dirt for miles
  • listening to radio stations that play nothing but country music
  • going to Wal Mart (yes, I included this. if you had to go without Wal Mart you would understand)
  • counting American flags
  • missing my Love while he is in Auckland slaving away
  • most importantly, being there for Moni's wedding and seeing my family 
and just for kicks,
Jason has been asked if he is American quite frequently. He hates it.  I love it.  Funny how I move to New Zealand and don't have the slightest trace of a kiwi accent. Jason moves in with an American and gets asked if he's American by New Zealanders and Americans alike here. Priceless.

See you next week.   Cheers!


LeashyLoo said...

Is he not American? Oh....ha ha!

{kim} said...

Cute pic! Can't wait to see you!!

Anonymous said...

People are stupid!!! I dont sound anything like a yank!!!

LeashyLoo said...

I was just kidding...:) No Jason, you certainly don't sound anything like a YANK!