Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Airport World

Airport world.
You know, the weird in-between world of terminals, connecting flights, and security? Everyone is from a different place and everyone has somewhere to go.

Tomorrow I'll get on a plane at Sky Harbor bound for LAX. Once in LA, I'll have to make a mad dash to the international terminal-to make a flight to Sydney. I purposely schedule my flights close together to cut down on the airport wait time. And every time I wonder why I do this because I always barely make my flights. It's always a little embarrassing to do the mad dash to the gate and be the late passenger. oops.

How do I even describe the 15 hour flight? The key is to get an aisle seat, force yourself to sleep, and take frequent walks. and hope your seat is not by the bathrooms!

There are countless things I want to mention here about flying. However, Seinfeld says it much better than me.


Mallory Jo Searle said...

Love love love this. Having undergone quite the airport experience myself, I fully relate and could likewise go off on the world of airports. Thank you for your Seinfeld tribute...he does tend to explain things in way that I only wish I could...good luck on the journey!!!

Buzz and Camille said...

Oh airport world... I actually love airport world and don't mind a longer connection time... I love meandering through the shops, people watching is always at it's best! I just feel excited for everyone at the airport cause I feel like people are off to cool places. I love looking at the screens for departures and imagine that I'm flying to China or Europe or India or somewhere... Hope you have a safe flight home!!! I'll think of you at LAX today! :)