Saturday, October 16, 2010

Leaving Arizona

Can I just say how proud of myself I am? 
First off, I survived for 2 weeks without my other half.  That was the biggest challenge of all.  We had never even spent one day apart from each other up until my trip, the distance was tough on both of us.  
Second, I realized there was a change in me.  Visiting Arizona was just that, visiting.  As much as I love every square inch of Arizona and even the USA, I was a teeny bit miserable without my love.  
Flying home to New Zealand was exciting.  As we landed in Auckland I couldn't help but smile.  Coming home to New Zealand was just that, home.  This time it's not so foreign.  I have friends, family, and familiarities all around me.  In my book, that constitutes home.  
Just for the record though, I balled like a little baby on my flight.  It's tough to leave the USA.  I love it and I miss it.  But for now, New Zealand is home.  


{kim} said...

Awww, sad :-( Just make sure you start eating again. You look sickly without your curves.

Anonymous said...

its great to have you back in the land of the long white cloud... It wasn't the same without you :(