Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday I received notification by post that I have been granted permanent residency to live, work, and reside in New Zealand!  It’s a big deal.  (American translation: I got my green card!) It took months of gathering documents and evidence to prove that I was legitimately living with Jason and lawfully married to him.  

I printed every email we had ever sent to each other during the time we dated, and were engaged.  I even submitted our wedding scrapbook!  Then there was the chest x-ray, medical examination, and the evidence providing our legitimate marriage through bank account information, lease agreements, postmarked mail, and the list goes on.  

New Zealand immigration is not an easy process. It’s a tough place to get into even when you have a straightforward case like Jason and I.  After 7 months of waiting-I finally found out that they had granted me the right to be considered a permanent resident.  

Basically, I can now come and go to New Zealand as I please without requiring a visa of any type.  I can also live, work, and enter Australia as I please without any type of visa.  Now I have to pay another $300 NZD as a migrant levy fee and stay in New Zealand for the next 2 years to keep my permanent resident status. 

 It is a cause for celebration but mostly I'm experiencing a dilemma.  Do I pay the migrant levy and enjoy the permanent residency status even with the danger of it being revoked if we make a move in the near future?  We've spent a large sum of money on all this-hence the dilemma.  

Welcome to the international world of immigration, visas, residency, and everyday dinner table talk at Jason and Larissa's house.  


Kerri said...

I probably shouldn't call you a traitor... j/k. That is awesome! I think you should cough up the money, it's just money, it comes and goes, but after all that work and effort you should just pay 'em then you'll be set for anything and everything. Whether you live there forever or not, Jason's family will and I'm thinking it will make life forever easier.

LeashyLoo said...

Well, I don't know if this helps at all but Andrew and I don't plan on staying here forever either....but...I think that after my residency gets granted (assuming it will...I have yet to apply since I am waiting for my criminal record cheque to come in the mail) we will probably pay the migrant fee so that I can come and go as I please. Better safe than sorry I think. Congratulations though! We should celebrate and then next year we can celebrate mine (I hope!).

Katie Petersen said...

So exciting! I'm glad you are official!

e.m. said...

Yay! Congrats. Gotta love paperwork.