Saturday, November 13, 2010

Magic Jack

I am convinced.  The best product of all time has been invented and I own it.  Magic Jack was given to Jason and I as a wedding gift from my big brother.  I didn't know anything about it except that it plugs into your computer and phone so that you can make calls for free from your computer.  We weren't entirely sure it would even work in New Zealand.  It does and it is amazing. 

I have an Arizona phone number and make/receive calls from the states for free. Yes, I just said that.  Forget Skype.  Magic Jack rocks my world.  I love that it has an American dial tone and I love that I can call any number in the states for free.  
As long as I'm living overseas I'll be sporting the Magic Jack!!  

To sum things up, when I'm homesick I can call. Pretty regularly I call my mom even though I know it's the middle of the night in Arizona.  It's just the luxury of knowing I can call any time that makes me happy.  

I love you Magic Jack.  

P.S. I should have told you about this one long ago!

a review on Magic Jack


Mallory Jo Searle said...

Thank you for this. I have a feeling, I will feel similar love for this product.

e.m. said...

Very good to know. :) Thanks friend. We miss you tons by the way. And I am very much jealous that it is summer over there. It snowed last night. Ugh.

Bryan and Jamie said...

That is awesome! I have never heard of it before. But if I ever live over seas I will get one!
Happy (early) Thanksgiving friend!