Friday, November 5, 2010

ordinary day

Today was an ordinary day.  Nothing fancy, spectacular, or out-of-this-world just a stroll through the bush walk in our neighbourhood.  When I walk through the bush here I feel like I'm walking through a set on Jurassic Park.  Every little plant, tree, bush, trail, and flower looks as if it was hand crafted and placed in just the right place for my viewing pleasure.  For example, the punga in the large picture above is amazing. It is so perfectly round, spiralled, and green.   

Speaking of movie sets-When we were dating, Jason asked me in all seriousness-"Are tumbleweeds made for Western movies?"  He thought that a guy attached a string to the tumbleweed and had it "tumble" across the street.  Priceless.

I'm glad Jason showed me this trail.  He spent a lot of time here as a kid, riding bikes, playing rugby, and probably causing trouble.  It's so good to see parts of his childhood.  It makes me happy to think we grew up in worlds so completely different yet here we are sharing things from our past and paving our own way for the future. 
Loving life with him.


Anonymous said...

It was a great day, it was nice to finally spend a Saturday with you!!!

Anonymous said...
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