Monday, January 3, 2011

Bests of 2010

a few mentionable things from 2010 in Auckland

In a rush to grab a meal before catching a movie, I hesitantly tried sushi for the first time.  Since then, I can't seem to get enough.  I love how it fills you up with just a few pieces and how it is so healthy.  I love how wasabi is hot and I love how seaweed tastes.  Besides the obvious nutritional benefits I have picked up from sushi, I have also acquired a regular date night with my other half.  We go out to Moto, our favorite restaraunt in Auckland, on a regular basis.  We love those date nights together-with the perk of eating out minus the expanding waste line.  Thank you sushi for coming into my life in 2010.  

Marathon Finisher.
There was life before the marathon and there is life after.  I walked away feeling like I could legit do anything. I still feel that way.  Ever since then I have been training twice a day and realize that my body is very capable of enduring tough training on a regular basis.  I could go on and on about this. I try not to talk about my running too much because I can get carried away.  Instead, I made myself a blog for that purpose-babbling on about working out.  See here if you would like
I run far

Cornea Transplant
This was probably the single best event of 2010.  Jason's eye(s) see continual improvement in quality of vision.  He still has stitches in his eye and will continue to take anti-rejection medication for quite a while but we're very grateful for the transplant. 


In July we moved to Waitekere, a western suburb of Auckland.  It has been a wonderful decision for us.  We feel more at home due to attending church in Jason's home ward and living just up the road from the Andertons.  Also due to the move, I have been able to do some teaching/tutoring at a private education centre close to where we live.  I like living out West because it feels like classic New Zealand. The North Shore was nice but it's a little too European and posh for my liking.  

Hamilton Temple

Each month in 2010 we drove to the Hamilton Temple.  We continually feel the blessings of temple attendance and have learned much from sacrificing work obligations and precious Saturday mornings to spend time in the temple.  During 2010 I also completed temple work for some of my own ancestors.  Taking those names to the temple was a very special experience.  Our goal is to keep the once-a-month minimum temple attendance a must for the rest of our lives.  So far so good!  

3 days into 2011 and it is looking eventful and prosperous!!  

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