Monday, January 3, 2011

family reunion

As Jason described in a previous post, our New Year's/Family reunion was quite the event.  It was my first ever family reunion and I quite enjoyed the New Zealand flavour of it all.  Here it is in pictures....

 summer holidays in New Zealand go hand in hand with camping
 the Winners of Blindfolded musical chairs

loving the blazing hot weather

putting the Hangi down

and taking it out

they were individually wrapped in tin foil and cooked underground for 4 hours

no summer is complete without Pavlova

in his element-enjoying New Year's by eating a Hangi
a random tractor picture that has nothing to do with anything
blindfolded musical chairs complete with a director and loud speaker

up close and personal with Brumby


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Buzz and Camille said...

I love the random tractor pic! Classic! Looks like fun!! :)