Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rangitoto Island hike

In honour of Auckland Anniversary I hiked Rangitoto Island.  Rangitoto is a volcanic island a few kilometres off the coast of downtown Auckland. It's only 600 years old and is filled with tons and tons of lava rock.  
It takes about 45 minutes to get to the summit and is a relatively difficult hike.  Rangitoto has nothing on it so you have to pack your own lunch and ride a ferry across the beautiful Waitemata Harbour to get to the island.
I have hiked it 3 times now and finally stopped to see the lava caves.  With so much lava flow of course one can find lava caves and/or tubes.  They were pitch black to walk through but for some reason it's much easier to walk through pitch black caves in New Zealand.  Probably due to the lack of any and all poisonous and dangerous creatures (including snakes).    
Rangitoto Island is a must see!!!


Kerri said...

Sounds so cool. Are there glow worms in NZ? Have you seen them if there are?

Pitch Black with no creepy things sounds fun. I love walking out in the woods here during the winter, no bears. In the summer I'm always so nervous.

Brittany said...

I remember this! Gardens, take ferry, hike mountain, eat lunch... Good times!