Monday, February 14, 2011

11 new reasons

11 NEW reasons I love Jason 
  1. He still opens all doors every time without fail.
  2. He makes me cinnamon toast and cuts it perfectly because he knows it's my favourite.
  3. He hides just before I come home from work and jumps out to give me a big hug.
  4. He has a green card.
  5. He constantly whistles and sings.
  6. He goes without a haircut, against his will, so that I can enjoy his curls.
  7. He says peek-a-boo in a baby voice, to make me laugh, when I'm getting angry.  
  8. He now takes vitamins voluntarily.
  9. He gives me blessings when I'm sick.
  10. He cuddles me at night even when it's 800 degrees.
  11. He still takes me on a weekly date.
It's good to be in love.


Anonymous said...

This is your big sissy!! The most surprising part is that YOU actually take vitamins now!!!!

McKenna said...

Ah yes, we both have very high caliber husbands. I love that about us. Like you said, there must be a lot of similarities in our houses :)