Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2nd Marathon

I'm training for my 2nd marathon.  Race day is on April 29 in Rotorua. 

I liked the race so much last year that I am racing it again one last time before we leave.  
Do you remember what happened last year??  I listed the wrong time and my name was splattered all over newspapers and tv with the prospect of being the winner in the female division.  Easily one of the most embarrassing and hilarious moments of my life.  Read The Confession here.

I'm into my 3rd week in training-13 more weeks to go. 

I do like to document and write about my training experiences. Each run usually has a common theme/funny event/or notable occurrence that I like to record. To avoid bombarding this blog with my running, I have created a second blog that is my place for talking about running, training, lifting , and eating.  

That blog can be found HERE.


{kim} said...

Nice. Enjoy it while you don't have kids. Can't wait to hear what funny stories happen this time around.

Mallory Jo Searle said...

You are my inspiration to start running. Also, so cool, you are coming back to the U S of A!