Monday, February 28, 2011

Ports of Auckland Cruise

There is a place in downtown Auckland that I have been dying to see up close and personal. 

The Port.

You know, the place where imports and exports are processed on monstorous ships with cranes and containers? 

I randomly found a free tour to see the port aboard a cruise boat, filled with commentary for 1 hour.  I was all over that.

I used an annual leave day and Jason came along for the tour.  As we were boarding I looked around and noticed that the average age of those taking the tour was probably 89.  Oops.

I loved it and have the pictures to prove it. 

a perfect view of downtown/port

pretending to be American tourists on board

how cool is this? 

I love this guy alot

loving it..........

you won't see this in Arizona

there is a reason Auckland is called the city of sails...

I love that I get to call this place home!
Another amazing adventure in Auckland.  I'm going to miss this.

1 comment:

Kerri said...

you've 89 on the inside for quite some time now, you just look like a young "an american tourist" on the outside :)

what's with all the haziness about leaving to come to the USofA but no details. i feel like i'm cracking some sort of code here.

p.s. i need to email you a funny story!