Saturday, April 16, 2011


  I have been thinking a lot about the beginning.   For the past 3+ years my life has revolved around a nice kiwi boy and the little island he lives on.  To this day it boggles my mind that I followed my heart and married my first love.  How did this all happen?  For most reading this, you are aware of the many obstacles I encountered along the road to marriage.  However, I did follow my heart and I did make the best decision of my life.  
I think the move has made me quite nostalgic.  Auckland is our city.  This is where it all started. No matter where we end up in this world, we will always have a tie to it.  It is a special place.   
  I found this beauty and put it on our fridge just so that I could have a little smile.  Seriously, is it not obvious how I feel about this guy? This picture was taken in the "I think he likes me, I really like him" stage of our lives.  I love it.  It speaks volumes about how head over heels I was {and still am}.  

I also stumbled across this beauty.  This was taken after our first real time spent together.  I confess that I hardly knew him in this picture but I wanted to get a picture with him so I could email it to my family.  Notice how we're awkwardly next to each other but not really touching at all.  Precious.

I guess I am so boggled by it all because I am so much better now.  
My life feels 187% more complete.  


Jamie said...

187%...that is an interesting choice in statistics... I am so glad you guys are happy and you really do make a really cute couple! :) I can't wait to see you back in the states!

Brittany said...

man alive am i glad i was there for all of that "i think he likes me stage". we had some good laughs and good times talking about it all!

Jeff and Whitney said...

I LOVE that 1st picture. You guys are adorable. Yay for marrying your best friend!

{kim} said...

187 huh? Weirdo. Can't wait to hang out with you guys! You better be nice to Jason.

McKenna said...

That is seriously legit. I love pictures from "the beginning." Every so often I'll look at the pictures of me and Chris from back then and it totally has the same effect. Yay for love :)