Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the winter

It is here. Winter. Daylight savings ended last Sunday and I now feel it necessary to equip myself with a light jacket for early AM runs. 
Winter in New Zealand means:
  • carrying an umbrella ALWAYS
  • breaking out the old fashion oil heater since our house, along with virtually all other homes, do not have heating systems.  
  • wearing ridiculous winter gear that is totally unnecessary in such a warm climate (New Zealanders wear winter coats as if they live in Idaho)
  • preparing myself to see the sun only occasionally 
  • my laundry taking a week to dry on the line due to rain and/or moisture in the air
  • Kiwis!  Kiwi season is in the wintertime, which means I can eat golden and green kiwi fruit in abundance. 
  • Rugby season-that makes Jason happy
  • Pumpkin Soup-Jason makes pumpkin soup from scratch all winter long. I plan on cashing in on that as much as I can before we become Americans. 
For North Americans reading this, you would probably be really annoyed to know that "winter" is still in the 50-60 degree Fahrenheit range.  

Here is the weather for today in Celsius--looks like Auckland will be a cool 20 degrees Celsius with rain, that's odd. 
weather forecast compliments of NZ Herald

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