Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the empty flat

It is real now.  We have packed and crammed our lives into the suitcases pictured above.   I have to admit, I am nervous.  This is a huge move and we are starting over in virtually every way.  I chose to ignore my nervous feelings until after the marathon.  But the marathon has come and gone so I am a bit scared.  I am lying on the floor, our bed is long gone, and am about to sleep for the last time in our little flat. 

Everything about our lives has been in chapters.  There was the New Zealand dating chapter, the Arizona break up chapter, the Reunited New Zealand Christmas chapter, the Engagement chapter, the Arizona wedding chapter, Newlywed in New Zealand chapter, and now, the Settle down in Arizona chapter.  I hope I am ready for this new chapter. In hindsight, I realize how incredibly different my life outlook is.  Basically, the New Zealand chapters have strengthened me in too many ways to name.  

  I packed up and left Arizona the second I got married.  Jason and I have really only known a life together in New Zealand.  Well, it is USA time.  Hopefully he can learn to live with a bunch of nerds who are obsessed with Ohio State and El Rancho.  

17 more days.  

P.S.  I had a Proud to be an American moment when we heard the news about Bin Laden.  It was nice to hear some positive media coverage about the USA.  I was grinning ear to ear and feeling proud about everything that my country stands for as the New Zealand nightly news reported the good news.  From the other side of the world, I can tell you that we are all happy about justice being served.  



{kim} said...

Who you calling a nerd?

Kerri said...

New chapters have so much potential. I hope this new chapter is mostly good for you. I'm sorry you are leaving your precious newly wed home. But, I must say, the US of A has missed you dearly. You are her biggest fan and it just wasn't the same without you. I hope someone throws you a welcome home to USA parade, because you deserve one!

McKenna said...

That is so exciting but definitely sounds scary too. What brought on the move back to the land of the free and the home of the brave? Are you going to teach? What will Jason do? I just want to know everything!

Noah said...

Hey Rissa!
It's Noah! I'm so happy to see you on May 20!!! Moni,Kalli and the rest here in Pheonix are missing you too! Only 16 more days!!! We miss you!!!