Thursday, May 19, 2011

the hamilton temple

On Wednesday we went to the temple as a family.  Peace of mind.  That's what I am feeling as a result of our temple session.  It was so nice to be gathered as a family in the House of the Lord and to take a moment to remember what is most important of all.  All in all it reminds me of how the distance that will be between us does not mean anything in the long run.  I am grateful for Jason's family.  I know that Jason is the good guy that he is because of his hard-working parents. I know that he is so kind and caring because of his brothers and sisters.  

Jason and I went to the Hamilton temple once every month while we were here.  It has no doubt been a source of strength. 

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LeashyLoo said...

That must have been so wonderful for you you are beginning the next stage of your life....the AMERICAN stage! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures there!