Monday, May 16, 2011

the last work day

I have loved working for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  
I will always be grateful for the perfect timing of not getting a teaching job and stumbling onto this role during that first year we were here.  

I am dying to return to the classroom but my time working for the Church was not spent in vain.  I worked in the administration office for the Church Schools in the Pacific.  Basically, I got an inside look at the running and function of schools on a district/administration level.   It would bore virtually anyone but I thrive on this stuff. You see, my dream in life is to be a principal and eventually a superintendent.    Combine this with the church environment and you see why it was a very good fit for me.  

I loved how work meetings were always opened with a prayer and that we openly spoke of Christ in our work roles (reminiscent of my BYU days).  I will miss associating with co-workers from South Africa, Fiji, Britain, Aussie, Raro, Tonga, Samoa, Brazil, and a few other islands.  It is quite a blessing to know that I got to help in the Lord's Work, even if it was only a small contribution.

I learnt much about the presence and function of the Church in the Pacific Area.  All priesthood direction, and department policy comes from the Pacific Area Office under the direction of the Area Presidency.  It truly is a miraculous work.  Specifically in the Church Schools, there are many Saints being blessed in Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, and Tonga because of the education they are receiving.  I have seen amazing things happen in these islands.   

I go away from this role with much gained.  My testimony of my Saviour and His Work has been strengthened.  My resolve to continue on with my education to become a principal has been affirmed along with my resolve to fulfill my role as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

I will miss the wonderful working environment. Not even a classroom can compete with that!  I will also miss the more insignificant things like, the fact that the beach is 2 minutes from my office, the sushi restaurant that I ate at way too much, and the gym that I worked out in twice a day.  Takapuna knows what is up.                       

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Brittany said...

I'm so happy that that job was so perfect for you. I think you will make a great principal one day.

I can't believe you had to say goodbye to Carol last night. :( After I read your comment I went back and watched some videos from our time in NZ. They bring back so many great memories. Now I want to move there!!!!

Good luck! Hope things go well!