Sunday, June 12, 2011

the alabama experience

This Alabama trip has been extra special.  First, we were travelling with a foreigner who was experiencing the Bible Belt for the first time.  He encountered a language barrier throughout the trip.  The funniest moment was in the Cracker Barrel.  Jason had no clue what most of the items were.  When he ordered the waitress couldn't understand him and Jason certainly could not understand her. I guess he isn't quite ready for the Ya'lls and the southern drawl.   
language barrier at the Cracker Barrel

Second, I rekindled my American pride.  The South LOVES America.  I used to think my state had a good deal of patriotism going on.  We don't have anything on the South.  There are houses with legit red, white, and blue banners hanging from the outside of their homes.  My brother's neighbor has a huge flag pole with a flag that looks like it belongs outside of a car dealership rather than a front yard.  Alabama is also home to Fort Rucker.  With a huge military presence, it is no surprise that folks are extra supportive, patriotic, and firm about their stance on God, politics, and their country.  I like it.  So, I would like to thank Alabama for re instilling me with good ol' fashioned American patriotism.  

Third, how humid is it in the South?  Really, truly how hot is it here?  

Fourth, a funny random story from our time with family in Alabama.  Jason was swimming laps while we were all in the pool playing.  I heard Kyle, 8, ask Courtney if Jason has steroids.  He had gathered that big guys, like Jason, have steroids.  A few moments passed and Kyle then asked, "What are steroids?"  

Fifth, how much chicken and BBQ do people eat here?  Every gas station and restaurant around these parts has fried chicken and pulled pork.  I have never seen anything like it.  

4 wheeling in the South is a little different from the sand dunes in Arizona.  We were covered in vines, insects, and cotton by the end.  

U.S. Army Aviation Museum. Ft. Rucker, Alabama

Honors Assembly for Courtney.  We're proud of you. 

Sixth, we were happy to be visiting Alabama during the last week of school. We got to attend the end of year honors assemblies for Kyle, Courtney, and Ryan.  It was nice to support them in their achievements. 
That's all folks.


Anonymous said...

It was awesome to hang out with the Bratt's Alabama Style. Thanks for everything and I hope we get to see ya'll again real soon!!!

McKenna said...

It looks like you are having so much fun! I love that on the 4-wheeler you ALMOST were doing a stellar senior picture face. Keep up the good work and I'm so glad you rekindled your patriotism!!!