Saturday, June 25, 2011

the ohio experience

I was well overdue for a visit to Ohio.  Pretty much all of my summers were spent in Ohio with family before I got married.  I hadn't seen my Grandma in years and was itching for a Cedar Point trip.  

It was also important for my Grandma to meet Jason and giver her approval.  Just so you know, she pulled me aside to say that I did very well in choosing a husband. That stamp of approval means a lot.

I have to tell you that going on vacation with Jason was extra cool.  It was fun to experience things in America with a first timer.  I was able to see it all from a different perspective this time around.  
He had a lot of firsts on this trip including but no limited to the following:

  • Saw fireflies for the first time 
  • Ate at Outback (and thought it was hilarious to see Americans trying to pull off the Aussie experience).
  • Rode huge roller coasters
  • Saw legit rednecks in a Wal Mart-think People of Wal Mart worthy
  • Ate real Southern BBQ
  • Recited the Pledge of Allegiance and stood for the National Anthem at a school assembly we went to
  • visited a U.S. Army base, Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • played golf
  • tried Angel food cake
  • interpreted the Southern accent successfully

We fit as much as we could into the 10 days we were there. Here is a sample of the random things we did. 
Barns all over the state have this sign on them. I love taking pictures of all of the different barns.

Jason spent way too much time at the library doing homework.

just another street corner in Ohio with American flags

more flags

flags galore
special note:  I never noticed American flags until I got married. Jason observed this American trend from the very beginning. Now days we count American flags wherever we go. It's entertaining.

We visited the grave sites of my great grandparents.

We walked across the Newell Bridge, a rickety old bridge that begins in East Liverpool, Ohio and  ends in Chester, West Virginia.  

The bridge is ancient and is made of nothing more than wooden planks.  Sometimes the spacing of the wood is a little too far apart for comfort. 

Newell Bridge action with my mom

We went to church in Ohio!  In all my years of visiting I had never made it to the nearest ward, until this trip.  There are not many Mormons in the tri-state area.

Hole 4 at the Beaver Creek Par 3

I learned how to golf on this course when I was a teenager.  Jason played his first game of golf and got a VIP golf lesson from my dad, the best coach I know. 
We got up close and personal with the huge locks on the Ohio River.  Here, Jason is giving me an expert lesson on proper stone skipping.

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McKenna said...

This is so amazing. Really, I love that you went on this trip and I love that Jason got to check out America for the first time!