Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ohio Welcomes You

I love Ohio.  It is a part of me as much as Arizona is. 
I can now say with certainty that Jason has experienced every little thing that makes me, ME.

  I have talked about Ohio many, many times.  I have told him about my Grandma Bratt's house that always seemed way cooler than my own house, mostly because it has a basement, candy on tap, and a huge hill in the backyard.  He has heard me give speeches about Ohio State.  He knows all about Fiestaware, the Ohio River, and the narrow roads cutting through the green bush around here.  
Now, he has seen it in person. It makes me so happy.  

What makes it even richer is that Ohio looks a whole lot like New Zealand. Not kidding.   Narrow roads, curvy roads, humidity, rainy, dense green forest, the list goes on.  I'm glad Jason found a little piece of "paradise" among the 50 states.  

I also must say that token family vacations are made heaps more exciting by bringing along a foreigner.  It is like we're experiencing every cool thing about travelling the USA for the first time,  all over again.  

note:  Jason has one thing left to experience. CEDAR POINT...THE REASON I LIVE.  Expect a full run down very soon.

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