Saturday, June 25, 2011

the roller coaster capitol of the world

 If you think Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, you are wrong.  Cedar Point is.
 We made the long anticipated trip to Sandusky, Ohio to spend a day at Cedar Point.   It was oh so necessary for Jason to experience Cedar Point.  The Bratt family has always been obsessed with the coasters and rides at Cedar Point.   I kept trying to explain to him just how HUGE the roller coasters would be.   It is safe to say that his expectations were exceeded. 

I was determined to make the day perfect. When we were just a few miles onto the Ohio Turnpike and got a flat tire, I was a little nervous.  Jason got the tire changed and fixed relatively quickly.  Soon the sky turned gray and the rain came down in buckets. I could barely see the road and it was hard to picture a warm sunny day at Cedar Point by that time.  We trucked on and by the time we entered the park the clouds parted and the sun was beating down.   A Cedar Point miracle yet again.

We rode everything.  Wooden roller coasters, huge steel coasters, standing up coasters, world’s tallest and fastest, and everything in between.  Usually the lines are hours long but not today. Our longest wait of the entire day was only 45 minutes for the Top Thrill Dragster. 

The three of us (my mom came too), had a wonderful time.  The day was perfect despite the setbacks.  I love Ohio.  I love Cedar Point. 

Cedar Point FACTS
  • The world's roller coaster capitol of the world. There are more coasters (17) in this park than any other place on earth.
  • More record breaking coasters call Cedar Point home than any other park.  
  • Millennium Force 93mph with a 310 foot drop--video below. 
  • Top Thrill Dragster 120 mph in 4 seconds with a 420 foot drop--video below. 
Observations made by the foreigner at Cedar Point:
  • Americans have way too many tatoos.
  • Americans eat way too much fast food.
  • Americans know what's up when it comes to roller coasters.
  • As always, Americans were forever displaying their American pride.

Millennium Force Video

Top Thrill Dragster Video

Thank you Cedar Point. We will be back soon.


Millenium Force said...

Wow, that would be great if you are a roller coaster lover! Im too afraid to try the tallest coaster..

Andrew & Elise said...

Now I know where I wanna go for our next family vacation! That place looks awesome!!