Saturday, July 23, 2011

the sedona trip

There are many reasons why I am convinced that Arizona is the most beautiful state.  Sedona is a major part of that reason. 

Yesterday we hiked Cathedral Rock, as seen above, went to Slide Rock, and visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  All of which are considered must see stops in Arizona.  

Cathedral Rock is a token hike in Sedona so we figured it was time to cross it off the bucket list.  It is just under 1 mile to the top but goes from 0ft-800ft in that time.  Hiking on the red rock was scary but the view from the top was so worth the effort. 

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic church built within the red rocks of Sedona.  It is an impressive piece of architecture.


Slide Rock State Park is basically a natural water slide through Oak Creek.  The small white rapids will push you all the way down the creek.  The rock underneath the water is very slippery-hence Slide Rock.  

and now for the best photo ever...

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{kim} said...

that picture is a death wishm but sooooo cool!