Friday, August 12, 2011

our story chapter 2

Chapter 2.


As I sat in church for the first time I was distracted by the accent, the lava lavas, and the cheek kissing.  I pretty much embraced it from the first day. 

 I do vividly recall the first time I actually saw Jason during that church meeting. He was passing the Sacrament.  He was wearing a gold tie.  

The next meeting was Sunday School.  The room was packed with a bunch of BYU girls and even more young single adults from the Auckland area.  Our Sunday School teacher walked in and introduced himself as Brother Richards.  He started off his lesson by asking each person to introduce themselves and name their favorite cartoon.  

I fretted in my mind as to what cartoon I would name when it finally got to my turn.  I survived and said my favorite cartoon was Captain Planet.  Probably not really true but I get shy in those situations.

As the lesson progressed I began to be impressed with this Brother Richards.  My first impressions by the middle of the Sunday School lesson were as follows:  He's tall, He knows how to start a class,  His accent is amazing, His eyes are beautiful, and He's a great teacher.  

Back to my original goals for being in New Zealand, I had decided that I wanted to meet people and make friends and fully embrace the place.  With that in mind I decided that I needed to introduce myself to Brother Richards at the end of the Sunday School lesson.  Partly because he was cute and partly because I felt like I didn't need to be as shy as I am in normal situations. After all, you are only in New Zealand once right?  

After the closing prayer I took a deep breath and walked towards Brother Richards.  I was nervous, I won't lie about that.  I held out my hand and introduced myself to Brother Richards.  As we shook hands I looked him in the eye and said, "I really liked your lesson."  That was it. I left the room feeling like a million bucks. 

A week went by.  As we toured around the local beaches and saw bits and pieces of amazing Auckland, I found my thoughts turning to Jason.  I wondered when I would see him again and how it would be when I did.  

The next Sunday I saw him again.  We didn't make contact with each other until after Relief Society. A crowd was forming outside the Relief Society room.  Of course my eyes found one particular individual amongst that crowd.  I could hear people talking about a game night that would be going on later that day.  I wanted to be part of it so I went up and asked the only person I had really met in the ward.  Jason said that there was a game night at his house and that it would be fine for us to come.  He gave me his address, which was very close to my host family's house.  

My 2 room mates and I walked in the rain to Jason's house.  I was nervous only because I knew we'd be in a room with a bunch of people we had never met.  I was also a little nervous because that nice looking Sunday School teacher would be there too.


A week before the "BYU girls " arrived I remember sitting in a Burger King with one of my best friends. He was very excited about the "fresh meat" venturing down under and hoped he would meet some nice girls. A few days later, I remember playing basketball with some of my friends from the YSA ward . The guys were throwing around a rugby ball, talking about the girls who would arrive soon. Among other things I remember distinctly their "big plans" to woo the girls and aparently sweep them off of their feet. 

As for myself I couldn't have cared in the slightest; I almost took no notice at all. I was excited to meet new people but I would have to say that was about as far as my fixation extended. Little did I know that one of these girls would be my future wife. 

Flash forward a few more days, the girls finally arrived. I noticed Larissa right off the bat. She was nice, friendly and very happy. This was my first impression of the woman formerly known as, Larissa Bratt. 

It was not until I finally sat down with her and got to know who she was that the sparks began to fly. The attraction was magnetic, despite my best efforts to stay away and remain friends the alure was to enticing. Inspite of my better judgement I jumped in head first and I have never looked back since.

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