Saturday, August 20, 2011

our story. chapter 4

our story. chapter 4

benches, the driveway, and I love you


After our cloud extravaganza we were both invested fully in our future.  It was easy.  It was natural.  

The next time I saw Jason he made me try fish 'n' chips.  I only did it because it was him asking.  Secretly, I would have rather died than eat that fish.  As he pulled into the driveway I wondered if he would walk me to the door.  You know, it was our second date, everything was out on the table, and we had held hands during a movie previous to this occasion.  

He did.  He walked me to the door and I was so nervous because I knew the first kiss was coming.  I said my obligatory thank yous and Jason replied by saying, "I would kiss you right now but Daniel is in the car."  (***His friend Daniel was catching a ride home.****)  I replied by saying, "I don't care."  With that, he kissed me!  

Monday through Friday I was student teaching in a Massey school.  While I enjoyed teaching in a completely foreign setting, I was very much pre-occupied with thoughts of how I was falling for an awesome guy and he was feeling the same as me.  Jason picked me up everyday after school.  

 He would drive me home to Carol's house and we would sit in the driveway for an excessive amount of time.   After our usual driveway conversation, I would finish up my school work, run, and spend time with the Andertons.  After all, during this time the Andertons came to be my family.  

While we ate dinner I was always waiting for the phone to ring.  I anticipated his call because I was always so dang anxious to spend time with him.  We would all giggle when the phone would ring because I started getting more calls at Carol's house than any of the other permanent family members that lived there.  

Looking back, it seemed like we did something ridiculously amazing every single day.  Jason really went out of his way to make sure I saw everything notable, beautiful, stunning, and impressive about New Zealand.   

We shared countless sunsets, beach walks, and bush walks.  We had this thing for benches and beaches.  All of our best memories took place on some stunningly beautiful park bench overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  It seemed so effortless yet we were experiencing such an amazingly beautiful relationship in an amazingly beautiful place.  

We kept everything low key.  We saw each other everyday.  Each day April got closer and I knew that I wasn't ready to say goodbye to him.  The low key stopped working.  

While on a temple trip in Hamilton, Jason and I had a very memorable experience.  As we exited the temple, Jason pulled me aside as everyone else continued to walk down the stairs.  We had the grounds to our selves for a brief second.  He grabbed me and kissed me right in front of the temple.  He than told me, "the next time I kiss you at a temple, I hope it is to marry you."  

I am jumping ahead to the future real quick because I can't help but say this. Every time we went to the Hamilton temple as a married couple we always took a brief second to kiss in that very spot.  How amazing is that?  

When Jason's brother got married I went as Jason's official date.  I met his family--whole extended family that is.  That's serious stuff to be someone's date at a wedding.  The wedding was wonderful.  We were dressed up, danced all night, and celebrated with everyone else.  After we said farewell to the bride and groom we drove back to Jason's house.  

Jason pulled straight in the driveway and without hesitation, told me he loved me.  It was simple.  I told him I loved him too.  As we enjoyed a celebratory kiss, we were interrupted by Jason's uncle who had just witnessed everything.  To this day, I still get embarrassed when I am around him.  We pretty much stayed up that whole night.  After the L bomb was dropped we felt like we had a licence to discuss many more parts of our future.  I remember that we even talked about future kids, baby names, possible temples, you know, all the lovey dovey stuff.  

It sounds fast but it seemed like perfect timing.  I was down to 2 weeks left in New Zealand and felt like I needed to stay longer.  I cancelled my Australia extravaganza trip and opted to stay in New Zealand for an additional week while the BYU girls went on their way around the Pacific.  

It was a great decision.  Jason and I spent entire days together.  We conquered Rangitoto in an all day trip, experienced a Polynesian market, stocked up on New Zealand treats, beached it up daily, cooked meals together, and talked about how we would navigate a long distance relationship in the coming week.  

When I think back on our courtship I can't help but think how lucky I was.  Many of our experiences felt like they were better written for a movie script. 

 Let's recap.  Previous to this, I had never had a boyfriend.  I always felt somewhat inadequate when it came to boys actually taking notice of me.  I arrive in New Zealand and have a surety in my heart that it was home for me and within one week, meet a guy with an accent, tall, handsome, etc...  Not only is he all these things, but he is a nice Mormon boy that took notice of me.  Though he took me to places that were just considered his everyday backyard, I saw them as places too-good-to-be-true beautiful.  I actually fell in love.  With him, with his home, and everything about his world.  

The last day came quick; though I felt like Jason and I had the time together that was necessary for us to be halfway okay with being apart.  That goodbye at the airport was probably one of the most dramatic in my life.  I'll save those details for the next chapter. 


Nancy Bratt said...

Did you know Ryan plays the French Horn?He does.

Mallory Jo Searle said...

Can I just tell you how happy it makes me to read all of these memories of you and Jason?!! Such a great story. Also, we will be living in the same state soon...I'll contact you with further details :)

McKenna said...

Amazing! Cannot wait for the next installment... let's make that happen!