Sunday, August 21, 2011

the sickness

Alright, it's happened.  

Jason and I both had our first bout of sickness-homesickness for New Zealand that is.  

*I will list a disclaimer now stating that I acknowledge that I have no right to be homesick.  I am home.  However, I am homesick. 

What an interesting life we have; literally torn between two different places.  I can't exactly put into words just how I am feeling.  It's as if my normal life never existed and now I am creating a new one in a new country.  Can I please have the best of both worlds?

I guess I haven't completely settled into our American life.  It is an awkward in-between time for us.  I keep thinking that it wouldn't be so hard if we were in New Zealand.  Nevertheless, I know we came here because this is where we are supposed to be right now.  I wish I could see the hindsight and have some more faith.  I am trying but I need to try harder.  


Kerri said...

you know those dumb saying about where ever you are is home, they are true, but it takes a while to feel that way.

i get homesick for different places we've lived, parks, foods, people, strollers, particular rooms in apartments we've lived in... you be homesick for whatever you want, it's a wonderfully horrible thing to love something so much that you can miss it that much. so wonderfully horrible :)

Anonymous said...

Keep calm and carry on... I guess that's all we can do. Whenever I do get a small dose of homesickness on the rare occasion, I remind myself that I am here and there is nothing I can do about it. The sooner you get used to that fact the sooner you will be okay. Not that im not okay of course. Instead of being bent out of shape and sad about it I would much rather turn a negative into a positive. Don't worry it will get better, trust me!!!