Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the big chance

USA rugby team during a capping ceremony at a marae in Whanganui
credit: US Embassy New Zealand

We are missing out.  The Rugby World Cup kicks off in New Zealand today.  The whole world is watching; the whole world minus America that is.  
People from all over the world are flocking to New Zealand to watch rugby and also say they've been in one of the most beautiful countries on this earth.

An excerpt from The New Zealand Herald says it this way...
New Zealand in this week, the start of the Rugby World Cup, has a glorious opportunity to sow seeds that will continue to flourish for 20 years or more. If the tens of thousands of visitors who will flock here enjoy an experience without parallel, then the nation will reap a rich harvest.
If they depart for every corner of the globe carrying a message of a beautiful land, a warm, friendly people whose company is to be enjoyed and revered, then the true success of this event should not be gauged by which nation holds up the Webb Ellis trophy at the end, but the long-term value accrued by the host nation. So why wouldn't it be a straightforward task?
Offer all-comers a wondrously warm welcome from ordinary Kiwis, proud of their country and anxious to show those in the world who have not yet been here just why their hospitality can be unique.

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