Wednesday, September 14, 2011

our story. chapter 8

our story. chapter 8.
the first happy ending.

Glowing.  That is how I would describe myself during the engagement.  That little piece of sparkling diamonds on my finger made all the difference.  

Long distance became very, very difficult.  Think long lasting phone conversations with all the mushy contents.  "You hang up, no you hang up, I miss you too much, I wish you were here" and my personal favorite, "We see the same moon but we're so far away from each other that we see different stars in the sky."  

Going to sleep was a blessing and challenge all at the same time.  He would wish me a goodnight over the phone and it would make me feel so good.  If only it would last.  The second he hung up I would be laying on my pillow wondering how on earth I'd fall asleep when I missed him so much.  

We got through it.  Anyways, I was so busy planning our July wedding.  It was basically a one man show when  it came to planning.  There wasn't much he could do from Auckland and I cared way too much about the little details to let anyone else help me.  

I wasn't a bridezilla.  I had a few specifics that I knew were necessary and that was it.  I knew it would be black and white and I knew that I would be wearing Navajo turquoise.  Everything else was secondary and not as important.  The plans came together.  Friends and family were supportive and helpful when it counted most. 

Jason flew to America to claim his American bride on the 4th of July.  Fitting.  I was decked out in my stars and stripes when I picked him up at the airport.  

While I waited in the cell phone lot my heart was beating 99 beats per second.  I had this overwhelming realization that my life was literally about to change permanently, positively, and eternally.  I knew that when I saw him at baggage claim it would mark the beginning of our permanent life together.  

I sat on the edge of the baggage carousel looking nervous and smiling huge.  I set eyes on him walking towards me from quite a ways away.  I ran to him and jumped into his arms.  I remember resting my head right into that perfect spot on his shoulder.  We both commented immediately that it marked the beginning of never ever saying goodbye to each other.  Amazing.

We had a few days to plan our special day.  There was no time to do much of anything besides sort out centerpieces and try on tuxedos.  We were all business. 

The Wednesday before the wedding was a very memorable part of our life.  I went to the temple to get my endowments.  All I need say is that it was the most important part of my preparation to be a wife and companion.  I am so grateful he was there with me.  

Up until the night of the wedding we spent every waking moment together.  We were up late into the night decorating and preparing for tomorrow's wedding day.  In the middle of all the chaos, Jason was rushed off and told that he was not allowed to see the bride until his wedding morning.  We had a sweet goodbye and I couldn't believe that the next time we laid eyes on each other that we would be getting married. 

I didn't sleep a wink.  I was up all night thinking about every little thing.  I was happy and excited.  I was thinking of all the ways my life would change.  You have to remember, not only was I getting ready for my wedding day, but I was also packing my bags to move to a foreign country.      Can you comprehend how many logistics go into an overseas move, a wedding, a honeymoon all in one week???

It was worth it.  My life is so much more meaningful, interesting, and full of love, now that I have taken some chances by living overseas and marrying the man I fell in love with. 

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