Thursday, October 27, 2011

the perfect Thursday

Today was the perfect day.  Nothing has gone wrong today.  

It all started with my pleasant symphonic alarm tone waking me up to run at 5:02am.  

By 5:28 we were ahead of schedule to hit the great outdoors for our usual Thursday morning run.  This was the first morning that the temperature had fallen below 40 degrees.  In my book that is grounds for being grouchy.  However, it did not deter us from our goal.  We ran 7 miles in the dark and in the cold as if we were champions.  I should also add that our pace was far above our target, especially in cold weather (enough about my running--I talk about that on the other blog).

The next perfect thing to happen was my dress for the day.  On game days we get to wear jeans.  Ask a teacher if you don't understand why this adds to someone's perfect day.

Additionally, my "worst" class was all over our current writing project.  The biggest gangsters in the class were eager to share ideas and ask questions about their writing.  That boggled my mind.  Sometimes you get it just right.  

I thought it was a freak incident and that I would not receive such positive work ethic from the remainder of 8th graders.  I am glad I was wrong.  This assignment has been my biggest hit this year.  I have never seen them work so hard at being creative and generating an original idea for a writing assignment.  Throughout the day I kept thinking how much I love what I do.  

Another element to my perfect day occurred in my 4th hour.  We are currently celebrating Red Ribbon Week.  It is our effort to promote drug free students.  We are working on a door poster for our room that has our original slogan for being drug free.  The students are working together and designing the poster on their own.  I was very nervous to introduce this activity to my students because many of them have clearly been introduced to the world of drugs.  I am glad to report that they are being mature and responsible about the poster.  

Here is the slogan they came up with:  "Have Swag-Don't Take a Drag"

It is legit.  

On these perfect days I reaffirm my passion, love, and commitment to teaching.  

My perfect day will end by making tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner.  I cannot think of a more appropriate meal for a perfect but cold day.


Jason said...

Great job!!! You are doing so well with everything... I'M PROUD OF YOU!!!3

Jeff and Whitney said...

You are a rock star! I wish I could be in your class...lucky kids!! Love this and love you! PS what is the writing assignment?