Saturday, November 5, 2011

the compliment of the day

Since Jason and I have been married, we have made an effort to do 2 things:
1.  Give each other a compliment of the day.
2.  Share our favourite part of the day.  

At first I always asked, but Jason has fully taken on the gig and is usually the one to initiate the compliments.  I like this because it is a simple way to brighten his day.  We usually end up laughing since most of them are funny.  However, there is the occasional heart-touching compliment.  

I thought I would post my compliment/fav part of the day.  

Jason, I really appreciate the pancakes you made for me twice this week.  I was not even out of bed yet and you were already making pancakes from scratch.  Thank you. 

Favorite part of the day was definitely the mile pace my sister and I ran during our 10 miler today.  


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Anonymous said...

Compliment of the day!!!

You looked beautiful in your your church clothes today!!!