Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the kicks and giggles for the day

Just for kicks and giggles I would like to share 3 awkward things that have happened to me in the past several weeks. 

1.  a student asked if my hair color was real.  okay, I am aware of my roots.  one of these days I'll take care of my root problem.  it is yet another example of how very aware students are of your every move and daily appearance.  on this same note, a student asked me why there were so many red bumps on my face.  yes, I am aware of my adult acne challenge too.  thanks for the reminder to keep that under control.  

2.  a large crowd was gathering in the hall outside of my room and I assumed it was a fight.  as I approached the large crowd I saw the yellow rubbery item that had stopped everyone in their tracks.  lucky me got to pick it up in front of a large group of laughing middle schoolers to dispose of the rubber.  just part of my job.

3.  as I was scanning the aisles while students were doing independent work I accidentally got a butt tap.  a student had stretched out his hand and I walked by at the exact wrong time.  it was obvious enough that there were giggles but low-key enough that I could pretend I hadn't realized.  there are certain times in a teacher's life that you have to decide if it's better to pretend you hadn't seen it or be firm and straight faced to get them back on task.  In this case I went with pretending.  there were some awkward minutes to follow but we lived through it.  

Welcome to my life--I love it. 


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Bryn said...

This is hilarious! And so true! Did I ever tell you about the time I spit! while giving directions to a class...or the time I leaned over to pick something up and actually fell down on the floor...never a dull moment - hope everything is good in Winslow!

Camille said...

hahaha the butt tap!! Good work on not busting up laughing!