Friday, November 18, 2011

the land of humidifiers

We have had to place a humidifier in our bedroom.  I have never actually used a humidifier, even in the driest conditions.  However, Jason's skin and eyes are suffering big time in this arid and dry land.  His keratoconus is facing challenges he has never had to deal with in the land of rain, clouds, and humidity.  The eye that has not had a cornea transplant is struggling big time.  The dryness rubs it the wrong way-literally.  He is in constant pain in sunlight.  You will recall a similar complaint in a post I wrote in the dead of the hot summer.  

We are hoping that a humidifier will help add necessary moisture to the air so that Jason can restore his tolerance to his eye condition.  Jason has never even seen a humidifier before.  He had no clue how to work the thing or how to understand the concept of it.  I didn't have a clue either since I am immuned to dry and arid conditions.  

I am respectful of his need for a humidifier.  I remember when I started seeing rain come down in sheets for days on end.  I could see beads of water on the inside of our windows and walls due to the high levels of moisture in the air.  I constantly felt rain-soaked.  Locals suggested I buy a de-humidifier so that I could feel some dryness in my life.  That was a new concept for me.  A machine to take moisture out of the air???  

I come from the land of humidifiers and Jason comes from the land of de-humidifiers. Who would have thought?


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