Monday, December 19, 2011

the comment

Yes, I married someone from another country.  No, New Zealand is not located off the coast of Africa.  Yes, it is an actual marriage involving 2 people that are legitimately in love. 

A few days ago a person that I know genuinely well asked me if my husband was really from New Zealand.  Her question continued, does he actually live in America or is he just visiting?  Of course this is paraphrased, but this little dialogue had me feeling quite annoyed.  

You see, I didn't realize it but I have been keeping a little mental note of each ignorant comment I receive about this topic.  

I realize that marrying someone from another country is uncommon and that there are only 4 million kiwis in this world, so it is plausible to say that some people have absolutely no clue about what my life might actually be like.  

Can I just say that it is really annoying to be asked if Jason lives with me or just visits when he can.  


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Kerri said...

um, i'm pretty sure that that person doesn't read very well. you always talk about living with jason.

you could take it as a compliment, that you are so madly in love with him and vice versa that it blows people's minds that you actually live with him day to day and still pronounce your love and loyalty every so often that it seems like he must just visit. you two are so happily married, and i bet eventually those comments won't bug you at all... but you are still newly weds, well kinda. ok not really, but you still act like it :)

i believe you say "cheers"

p.s. merry christmas, are you doing anything super special for your first christmas together? what can compare to your traditions in n.z.? playing in the snow? snow boarding?