Saturday, December 17, 2011

the finish line

Semester 1 done.  
I feel like I have made a complete transformation from the first week of school to the end of semester 1.  

At the beginning of the semester, I found myself in a mental fiasco to manage all things that are my life.  I could not seem to leave school at school and enjoy home time without thinking about the lesson plan for the upcoming week.  This conundrum had me overwhelmed, stressed, and pseudo-happy.  

Well friends, I have come a long way.  Not only am I managing my day, but I feel that I am doing a good job too.  I can say that I love my role.  I am happy to be doing what I set out to do after high school.  It is a grown-up accomplishment that makes me proud of myself.  

I think I have just made the immersion into teacher land.  -meaning that I now know how to suddenly turn around a lesson that has gone down the toilet.  I anticipate what questions will be asked and who will ask them.  I make small accommodations that will allow the ADHD kid to resume his work without being prompted, along with the too cool for school diva, and the I don't care about anything kid.  

Dynamics are everything in a classroom. I never knew that until now.  Sometimes it is all up to the class list.  The perfect mix can allow the most insubordinate kids the motivation to actually do something in school.  Who would have thought?

Definite Highs

  • assurance from leadership that I am doing what I need to do
  • feeling like I am made to be a teacher and that I am in the right place at the right time
  • never-ending support from my Love, that means everything
  • receiving a few thank-yous from students every once in a while
  • seeing a particular gangster kid transform into a leader 
Definite Lows
  • struggling hardcore at the beginning of the year
  • getting cussed at by a few 12 year olds
  • seeing too many CPS removals, attempted suicides, and bullying
  • not giving myself enough credit for what goes right
  • grammar--are these kids ever going to get it?
Goals for Semester 2
  • more regular assessments
  • continue finding creative outlets for major projects
  • up the overall academic expectations
  • finish the year with a smile on my face

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Brittany said...

You should be proud of yourself! Teaching is so hard yet so rewarding. You're great!