Friday, December 2, 2011

the first snow

I think I am lucky.  Every holiday, thus far, has been filled with brand new traditions for either Jason or myself.  This year it is finally Jason's turn to experience a winter Christmas.  

I would like to consider myself a token expert on the typical kiwi summer Christmas now that I have lived it 3 years in a row.  I left my gloves, Christmas lights, and snowflake decorations in the USA and embraced the idea of boardshorts  and jandals to show Christmas spirit.  

This year I am nostalgically anticipating a possible White Christmas or Christmas Eve (please Santa).  Jason is excitedly (assumption made with that adverb) experiencing his first ever winter Christmas. 

Last night we hung the lights from the house.  Jason's kiwiness came through as he hung the lights barefoot and in shorts.  It made my heart happy to see him being his typical self, yet experiencing a winter Christmas.  

It really is hard to put into words.  The things that are so normal and American, like Thanksgiving and Christmas lights are totally new.  You have no idea how exciting it is to share a holiday tradition with someone when they have no prior experience with it.  That is our life.  

Today we both enjoyed a nice morning snowfall.  Jason had a billion questions and I happily answered them.  

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