Monday, December 26, 2011

the only picture

Before I say anything may I just comment about how this picture may be the most awkwardly posed picture yet?    I should also add how this is the ONLY picture we took on Christmas.  Not too sure how that happened.  

Our winter Christmas did not disappoint.  I did my best to live up to all the traditions that make a winter Christmas as memorable as a summer Christmas.  I was thrilled to finally share all the Bratt traditions with Jason.

my sister and I completed a 20 mile run on Christmas Eve
finally got to attend the Bratt talent show with my hubbs
church on Christmas morning
buying a new car  

We hope we can be on the beach in New Zealand  next Christmas!



Andrew & Elise said...

New car?? Picture, please! You guys still look great, even if it is a kind of awkward pose.

LeashyLoo said...

Oh you guys! You are so cute! Happy Holidays from Aotearoa!