Thursday, December 15, 2011

the view

Jason's take on the last 7 months of our USA life.

1.  What do you miss most about Aoteaora (family, food, and the ocean are understood)?
"the color green and clouds"
My whole life I have identified home with intense amounts of green, oceans and long thick clouds framing the scenery. Arizona is beautiful in its own right, but I miss the colour of home.

2.  What do you love most about America?
"the differences between seasons and the emphasis on holiday traditions"
Seeing Summer turn to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring and finally back to summer is a completely new experience for me. I have never lived in such extreme heat... And vice versa, I have never lived in such extreme cold.

3.  What do you hate about America?
"medical insurance"
I have never had to deal with insurance ahhh!!! Back home my healthcare has always been covered by the government. I never have to deal with co pays.

4.  What surprises you most about Americans?
"how no one travels overseas or holds a passport"
As someone from a small country, its almost a right of passage to go overseas. They call it the Big O.E. (Overseas Experience). So it was a little surprising for me when I discovered that almost no Americans hold a passport.

5.  What is your opinion on small-town America?
"it's small and slow but everyone is friendly"
I'm from a city and I love the convenience of having everything at my fingertips and not having to travel more than five minutes for anything I need. I don't have that here... Does it kill me? Yes... But having such good kind friends makes it easy to live in a small place

6.  What does New Zealand do better than America?
I'm sorry but I have to say it... How many taxes do we have here in America? Back home one tax that covers everything... Much easier to think about and deal with... And healthcare??? Never a worry in the world I'm always covered for anything... I had a major surgery 2 years ago and never had to pay a cent... Good times.

7.  What was the most difficult transition to this USA life?
"being different and fitting in"
It is not so hard now... But being the only one who sounds like me in a strange place was hard. But it is getting easier... I don't really notice it so much now... Mostly I see some cultural differences that are not bad, just different. And sometimes feeling like a cockatoo in a cage being to say this or say that... Yeah sometimes it gets a little old.

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McKenna said...

Love this! I hope everything went well for you guys today! We were praying!