Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the sunset that made me remember

Sometimes ordinary things remind you of just how extraordinary life is. 
Sometimes I go to work as the sun rises and come home as the sun is setting.  Most days I take a  glance or observation of the sunset, but nothing more.  For the past week my life has been filled with extraordinary sunsets.  It has been the kind of sunsets where you have the sudden urge to pull over and document that you actually saw something so spectacular.  On another occasion I drove off into the sunset after a perfectly boring Wal-Mart trip and suddenly felt overwhelmed with gratitude for living in place that produces such beauty on a boring, cold January day.    

It gets better. 

On a normal Monday at 3pm we decided to go to the Grand Canyon.  As in the Grand Canyon.   We're talking one of the natural wonders of the world, the place that people dream of seeing in person,  the place that people instantly associate with the USA, the place that is on bucket lists around the world.  That is where we casually decided to go on a Monday afternoon.  

We were cutting it close to sunset but good road conditions were in our favor and we arrived just in time to see a world-class sunset over the ridges, ledges, rocks, rivers, colors, sand, and canyons that make the Grand Canyon.  It was only a few precious minutes but it was enough for me to send up a little silent prayer in gratitude for seeing this wonder in person.  It was also enough time for me to remember many things.  If you ever wonder if Heavenly Father is really there, look out over a ledge at the Grand Canyon.  If that isn't proof than what is?

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