Sunday, February 26, 2012

the 200 mile Ragnar Del Sol Race

Ragnar Del Sol--Wickenburg to Phoenix
12 runners-run all day//all night
The 200 miles covered some of the most beautiful parts of the Arizona desert. 

The start line.  See me on the right hand shirt/headband/long legs
Vans, giant cacti, and runners-that sums up my weekend

20 miles into the race...our smiles hadn't faded yet

Here's the beef. I was out for blood.  If you read my running blog than you know this.  I had something to prove with this race.  I did just that.  I ran 7:30 miles for all of my legs.  My splits show that I had several 7:00 minute miles.  In my little world of running, that's not too shabby.  This race was a true test of endurance.  You run at weird times of day with no sleep.  This race is all that I needed.  My spirits are up and I am ready for the next big huge thing. 
Yee'go for you runners and Cheers for you Kiwis!


Kerri said...

sweet redeem! i wish i was hard core... i'm mostly a flabby core :(

Cheryl and Tyler said...

holy cow girl. I hear of crazy people like you but never knew I'd know one...haha jk, that's amazing! And I love your "us" as your blog header!

jodi wybron-mallozzi said...

Niiiiiccceeee!!!! Way too kill it:)