Sunday, February 19, 2012

the bench

We are currently trying to establish our bench at church.  

Today we took a gamble and sat stage left.  Mistake.  We sat in a bench that had been claimed years ago by another family.  I know this only because I saw the look of shock on the dad's face as he had to scan the room and sit somewhere else for the first time in possibly 19 years.  Sorry fellow ward member. 

We tried the back row and the easy access row by the door.  None were right.  For now, we are still trying to get our bench.  I commented to Jason that we need to try stage right next week. I have a good feeling about this.  

by the way-we moved.  We are house-sitting for a senior missionary couple.  We now live in The Boonies, Arizona.  Sunsets, sunrises, dirt, more dirt, sky, tumbleweeds, and quiet--that's us.  


1 comment:

Kerri said...

i'm laughing too hard.

the boonies? winslow is not the boonies?

and the bench, alaska people are not into the whole sit in the exact same spot every single sunday thing. it's weird, really weird. you never really know who is at church because people sit in different places each week. it really messes with me. since no one sits in the same place we don't either, it's like i'm not really mormon anymore or something.

laughing, still laughing!