Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the dental care

Have you ever had a toothache for 9 days?
Have you ever tried to teach, coach, run, and be a human all while enduring a toothache?
Have you ever come up with a strategic way to drink water so that it only falls on one side of your mouth so that you don't have to experience a jolting pain up through the nerves of your tooth?

The last 9 days have been a struggle due to a toothache that won't seem to leave.

I don't usually write about such menial topics but dental care is huge in my world. 

 If you have been a family member, friend, roommate, or dentist of mine than you know that dental care is not my strong suit.  Each year there is always some major tooth issue. 

Here are my dental highlights

1. fell on my face as a toddler-baby teeth pushed into my gums-teeth came back discolored

2. reptile teeth as a teenager-weird teeth in weird places (I could attach a straw to the lone ranger tooth at the top of my mouth)

3. wisdom teeth removed-normal but notable

4. braces for 4 years-I entered my university career sporting metal

5. dead nerves in some teeth that caused great pain when traveling through high altitudes-especially airplanes

6. the worst one...an abscessed tooth that was so out of control that the infection had begun to spread through my bloodstream. think fever. SKETCH. 

7.  eating a piece of bread and cracking a tooth-crown

8. current toothache-ongoing mystery as to cause

There is a bright spot amongst all this gloom.  Jason has been singing "Dental Care" for the past 9 days.  That's an Owl City reference. 


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Whitney said...

oh that sounds terrible!! I'm so sorry! And as someone who absolutely HATES going to the dentist...I'm sorry that you have to go but hope it helps!