Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the life of americans

  You do not realize just how American you are until you experience life with someone who is not American. I really do love this about my life.  Everything we do is a new adventure for either myself or him.  For now it is mostly just him. 

It has been nearly 11 months since our American arrival, and we still encounter new experiences on a weekly, even daily basis.  

For example, he has experienced an NFL season, college football and basketball seasons for the first time ever.  The teams, hype, and big tournaments were completely foreign to him.  It was fun to see him get excited, especially about Ohio State.  No surprise there.

Each new holiday brings a new encounter with treats and traditions.  The whole Easter bunny thing is the current new weird American thing that he's learning.  

He is also learning about the very unique culture of this area of our beautiful country.  As evidenced on virtually every street, we do not live in Beverly Hills.  The people of this area are hard-working, down-to-earth, humble, friendly, and giving.  We both find joy in the friendships and dealings with the people of our community.  You know-the small town thing that can't be found anywhere else but small town USA.  I do not take that for granted, and Jason has adopted this way of life. 

To this day we still both have moments where we realize once again that we actually did this.  We dropped everything and moved across the world within 2 years of the first international move.  It was super hard.  My heart is ridiculously torn between these 2 gems, Arizona and Auckland.  

My American pride remains unwavering.  I love this place.  I am grateful everyday that we are able to live our life here in this place right now.  We are in the right place right now.  That being said--I anxiously await the day that a move to Aotearoa will be in our future.  The Aotearoa move will come.  How could it not?  We are invested in both places.  


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