Thursday, April 19, 2012

the life

Have you ever felt incredibly lucky for the normal routines and experiences of your life?
I know it does not always come easy, but sometimes it is very natural to recognize just how awesome it is to do what you do. 

 I am a normal person from a normal town who has a normal job and enjoys normal activities.   Yes, I could ramble on about my various overseas adventures and the new experiences I have acquired through immersing myself in another culture.  There could also be paragraphs and paragraphs about the accent, the coolness, and the culture that is my husband.  However, today I am thinking about just how joyous the everyday events are that make me.  

I love that I don't have a desk job.  I love that I have responsibility to give my best self day in and day out.  It has taught me to not be selfish.  It is a wonderful thing to see the "aha" moment.  I also feel somewhat of a champion for unlocking the secret to understanding and relating to middle school kids.  That was a gigantic hurdle in the beginning. I love that my profession constantly emphasizes further education and knowledge.  

Big surprise on this one.  It makes me goal-oriented.  It challenges me.  I love the hype, adrenaline, and exertion that it takes.  It is my happy place.  Yee'go

Fiction & Non Fiction alike
Book. Worm. Reading connects me with the places, cultures, and histories that I love.  That makes any normal day exciting and worthwhile. 

How many speeches do I give about this topic?  I think every square inch of this place is beautiful.  out of this world, impressive, majestic-the list goes on.  This ordinary state has me convinced that dirt, sky, and a few cacti are truly beautiful. 

The best one.  It is normal to be married.  When you look a little deeper you start to recognize just how much better life is when shared with someone.  Things are a little more complete and purposeful when you have someone to come home to. 



McKenna said...

Love this post. You remain one of the coolest and most chill people that I know. I absolutely love that about you. I also think you should write a book. I don't care what it is about either. I just love reading what you write!

Whitney said...

Great post. I totally second McKenna's suggestion. I love the way you write and your down-to-earth, refreshing take on life. You get it. You get what it's all about.