Sunday, May 6, 2012

the umbrella

I have 5 drafts of 5 different posts that have been started but not finished.  Rather than tackle all 5 topics that I want to write about seperately, I am going to take the umbrella method.

We found a bike that was big enough for Jason's stature.  You know what that means?  We can BOTH go on bike rides now.  For the last 2 Sundays we have strapped into our helmets and rode to Sunday dinner together.  As you know, my usual life focus is exercise.  This special treat during our week is NOT exercise.  It is JARS time.  It is glorious.  As a matter of fact, we just got home from our ride to and from Sunday dinner.  I told Jason that we finally have an Arizona Jars tradition. 

With the planting of a new garden, lawncare, and general outside spring clean-up, we have had a lot of time together during manual labor.  I love manual labor with my man.  I think any married couple would somewhat agree with me here.  What is it about setting out to take care of a big task and to see it through together? 

Both of our jobs have been very exhausting lately.  I have been coaching junior high track since late February, and Jason has had an increase of work hours (45+).  It has been a challenge to be in the same room at the same time during normal business hours for quite some time.  We just never see each other.  We have come up with this new slogan-"best self".  We are basically committing to give each other our best selves for whatever amount of time we have together.  Sometimes it is 1 hour and other times it is nothing mroe than a thoughtful kiss on the cheek when the other person has been in bed for 2 hours already.  Either way-we have learned to live on quality over quantity of time together.

Both of us will be hard at work hitting the books over the summer months.  My masters courses start in 3 weeks.  DANG GINA. I am so excited about it.  I am so ready to be a graduate student.  Jason is taking the last of his pre requisite classes for the RN progra,.  Progress, progress, progress.

Desert Dash.
My sister and I are planning another race.  It seems as if all my spare time goes to the preparation required to organize a race.  I am quite certain we will have a great number of racers this year.  I hope to hand over a big wad of cash to the Fireworks Fund.  June 9---if you are looking for a race.

Well my frinedly friends, I have 13 teaching days left until I am soaking up summer.  Expect a full report on my school year very soon.



Kayla said...
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Kayla said...

The part about bikes made me think "la la la la la....ahhhh!" Hope you remember that, otherwise I just sounded like a retard. lol