Thursday, June 21, 2012

the dream

It keeps coming back. 

The teacher dream.

It has happened 4 times in the past 9 days.  

Dream 1:  It is the first day of school.  Somehow I totally forgot that today was the day.  I showed up with no shoes and ran in to the class when students were already in my classroom.  I frantically looked for my Will Smith clip from "Pursuit of Happyness" and cannot find it to save my life.  Utter panic. I wake up.

Dream 2:  It is the first day of school.  Again, I have managed to forget that today was the first day of school.  I run into the classroom and try to find the Will Smith clip again.  I still cannot find it.  I also notice that there is nothing on my walls.  I wake up.  

===Dream 2 prompted me to go to my classroom and make sure all my laminating and poster requests were complete.  They were.  I thought this would end my teacher dreams. ++

Dream 3:  It is the first day of school.  There was some type of emergency on the campus the night before.  For some reason I was there and witnessed the yellow crime scene tape, along with the closing of most of our school building.  During the night emergency I somehow injured my ankle (the one with screws and a plate).  After being at the school all night, I frantically hop to my classroom.  Crutches were not available to me.  When I finally hopped all the way to my room I found a sign that read, "Closed for Maintenance" on the door.  I had to start the first day of school in the hallway.  Again, I was frantically trying to find the Will Smith clip.  No luck.  

Dream 4:  It is the first day of school. I am wearing biker shorts.  My classroom is totally gone.  As in does not exist.  There is nothing but dirt where it used to be.  I am still wondering about the Will Smith clip.  I wake up.


And for the record,  this is the Will Smith clip that I still have not found in my teacher dream world.   I showed this to my students on the first day of school last year.  It worked well. 

I wonder what will happen tonight in teacher dream land.



Katie Petersen said...

What an amazing clip. I cry though that whole movie so I haven't watched it in a while. If I ever have to teach upper el again I want to use that clip. And for the teacher dreams...hilarious! I can't believe they've already started for you. You haven't even been able to enjoy summer. I hope you find your classroom before the first day of school.

McKenna said...

Oh the teacher dreams... I still have those and I'm not going to go back full time next year! I like your teacher dreams and I really hope everything is in place and free of crime scene tape when school really does roll around again!