Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the american dream

american completeness

On Sunday we sang The Star Spangled Banner in Sacrament meeting.  The congregation stood and tears and proud smiles were visible throughout the chapel.  This makes my heart so happy.  There are not many things that can come close to the bursting pride and happiness I have just for being an American.  One thing that does make my heart happy in a near close way is sharing all things America with Jason. 

I love our American dream.  I love that after being here for a short year we have been afforded blessings and opportunities that are undoubtedly part of the American dream.  I love the price of gas and the evening news.  I love that Americans are vocal about who they are and why they are proud of it all.  I love that my husband is welcomed to this country with the prospect of citizenship.  I love that the American flag is always easily spotted.  I love that my country always rocks the Olympics.  I love that I love my country enough to get choked up from hearing the National Anthem or seeing a grand ol' flag. 

my small town knows what's up

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