Sunday, July 15, 2012

the camp of girls

I survived Girls Camp as an adult leader.  I was called to be a level leader many months ago, so I knew this week was coming.  I must say that being an old lady at camp brings quite a different perspective to it all. 

I walk away from Girls Camp with many important things in my back pocket.  True beauty is measured by one's heart and not the size of your jeans or ability to do your hair.  Running at 8,000ft is hard.  Forgetting yourself and serving others is the best way to find happiness.  Singing songs is not my idea of fun. 



Kerri said...

i can't stop laughing at your last noble truth! it's awful when everyone is having fun and you aren't. it really makes you feel bad for the times you tried to help someone have your kind of fun.

{kim} said...

funny you should mention ability to do in the front, homeless in the back.