Sunday, July 22, 2012

the end of summer

It has been grand.  For once my summer was not filled with airports and travelling.  This summer was more of the hometown/homestate goodness fill.  In no particular order I did the following neat things:

  • refrained from thinking about the upcoming school year
  • edified at girls camp as a level leader
  • typed and typed lots of papers for grad school
  • read lots of pages in the middle of the day
  • ran lots of miles with my sis
  • canoed
  • embarked on barefoot running
  • worked out at a deep water aerobics class weekly
  • um hi, myspace profile shot
  • biked many miles
  • cooked pesto with basil from my own garden
  • organized and planned a 2nd race that didn't go well
  • invited the Ts over for many sleepovers
  • watched a daily Arizona sunset
  • celebrated our 3rd year anniversary twice
  • found several excuses to spend time with the peeps (below) and swim

can you spot the most precious jumper in this photo?

enjoyed peter pops right after the taking of this photo

   I am refueled to start a new school year.  Tomorrow I will be sitting in teacher meetings all day in preparation for the first day of school on July 30.  I cannot lie.  I am excited to say that I have work tomorrow.  I genuinely love what I do.   
my teacher style

 Can we please talk about my new backpack?  I bought this precious gem for my new teacher bag yesterday.  Forget the apples and school buses.  I am rocking the southwest neon designs for toting around the endless stack of paper grading that is my life. 

Cheers to a most restful summer!


McKenna said...

LOVE the backpack and love that you are such a legitimately solid person. You do so many awesome things! Good luck on another school year, that is what's up.

Brittany said...

Love the backpack! You rock!