Sunday, July 29, 2012

the first day of school

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  
Last year at this hour on Sunday evening I was shaking in my boots.  I had no idea what to expect and was extremely unsettled by it all.  
This year my preparation and prior experience has me feeling calm and expectant of what is to come.  
I am smart enough to know that it will be different this year.  I know I will encounter things I haven't planned on seeing. 

Here are some facts about the school year.

1.  I am a student myself.  This will take some balancing of personal time so that I make sure that my Masters classes are taken care of.  My goal is to get an A in every class. 

2. New principal.  Our school is undergoing a complete change in how its operated.  I am excited for the change and am not hesitant to embrace it. 

3. Goals.  I have set 5 goals for the school year.  Most are classroom instruction related but some are related to balancing my personal life and professional life so that I don't lose my sanity.

4.  Numbers.  Last year I taught 151 students.  This year my class roster is at 209 as of this morning.  Due to our student demographics, this number is vulnerable and will undoubtedly change after the first week.  I teach 7 sections of English.  Do the math.  Most of my class sizes are over 30 students.  How would you like to teach 30 jr. high kids at one time?  

5.  Data. This is pure teacher talk right now.  I am aiming to become a data driven professional.  It is what the State and Department of Education expect.  I find it challenging to show formative data when I teach a performance based class, but I know that a well prepared teacher can make it happen.  

6. Early riser.  The early morning running thing is not going away any time soon.  M, W, F, and S are marked as the dark thirty running days.  I do love them.  

7.  Example.  I strongly feel that I have got to walk the walk and talk the talk.  I fully realize that if I plan on being an administrator in the near future that I need to show who I am right now.  I want to be the teacher that doesn't bag on kids, parents, and other teachers.  I want to be the teacher that adapts to change, communicates with others, and gets the job done.  Basically, it's time for me to be an example of what a school leader should be.  I believe I am up for it. 

As you enjoy the last days of summer, think of me teaching away in the classroom even though it is July 30.  


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McKenna said...

You never cease to amaze me. I have no doubt you will dominate this year. Good luck!