Sunday, September 30, 2012

the required things

As evidenced by my lack of social media use in any form, I have been consumed by things that have to be done.  You may read that statement and form your own opinion on how that is an obvious part of being a big person.  And you are right.  However, even big people can be swallowed by required things and lose sight of things that make life joyful, fun, and humorous.  I really feel like those elements have been missing from my life quite a bit.  

9 weeks into the school year, and I feel like I am very deserving of Fall Break.  I rocked it.  From the assessments I built, to the organizational structure I created for teaching material, I feel that I have stretched myself absolutely thin to be the best teacher I can be.  Having said that, this is an area where I was swallowed.  My job was almost my every waking [and sleeping] thought.  

The difference is that last year I was consumed by my job, but it was only because I was stressed and overwhelmed.  This year I know what's up.  I know what I need to do and how to do it.  My consumption of my job is now my drive and passion to do everything 100%.  

I planned on taking both 2 weeks off for Fall Break.  However, I felt obligated to teach during the intersession schedule because I have to get a root canal.  Leave it to my trusty teeth!  To help fund the root canal, I have opted to teach during intersession.  (I'll be teaching students who have excessive absences, F's, bad attitudes, special education challenges).  The mental break I had been banking on is now not a reality.  

Not school as in my job, but school as in ASU Masters.  I am continuously trekking on towards earning that degree.  The coursework is interesting and relevant to my every day job and future goals.  However, it isn't easy to balance both school and job.  1.5 more years.

We just finished organizing race #3 in our community.  It is one of those situations where you do it and put your heart and soul into it but wonder if it even matters.  It went well, but requires months and many hours of planning.  

In conclusion, I hope to find some ways to add some more flavor to my daily happenings.  The required things are starting to build up and tear me down.  I guess I just need a little ounce of me time.  

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McKenna said...

Leave it to you to keep yourself crazy busy. I must admit I am envious of your incredible drive as a teacher which undoubtedly translates into you being a rockstar in the classroom. Even though I'm not teaching full time this year, I want to have your drive. You are amazing!